Sometimes, I feel like I’d been on a diet for most of my life and frankly...


They suck.

I've tried everything from point counting programs to slimming shakes to Richard Simmons. Every time, the cravings would take control, I'd give in, self-sabotage and not only give up on the diet but gain more weight than I'd lost in the first place! 

Sorry, but, F-that! 

So many women think they need to restrict 'all the food' to be healthier when in reality it's letting go of restriction and ending the war with food that can help us achieve health like never before. Crazy huh? 

That's why it's my mission to help you become an Empowered eater! Empowered eating allows us to listen to our natural body cues again (like we did when we were kids) make peace with food and reclaim our energy, confidence and health without having to give up the foods we love or diet ever again. 

Hi, I'm Michelle

I'm the founder of The Centre for Empowered Eating.  I'm also a professional Accredited Health & Intuitive Eating Coach and mentor, Body Image Educator, author and lecturer at The Holistic Performance Institute. I have been working in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years and am proud to call myself a HAES© aligned practitioner. 

I believe that health is so much more than how we move our bodies or the foods we eat. Health is emotional, spiritual, and cultural as well and I am personally committed to helping others to be healthier and happier through my world-renowned Empowered Eating® programmes. 


  • Graduate Degree in Education, Fort Kent, Maine

  • Diploma in Nutrition Coaching from The Holistic Performance Institute and PreKure 

  • HCANZA Accredited Health Coach 

  • Certified Intuitive Eating Coach 

  • Certified Am I Hungry®, Mindful Eating Instructor 

  • Certified Body Image Educator through The Body Positive and Marci RD

  • Lecturer at The Holistic Performance Institute

  • Non-Diet Nutrition Certified

"Live the life you crave, and food will lose its power"


My Story

I love to spread the 
Empowered Eating 
message! Check out this 
clip from The AM Show! 

My programs and coaching are for you if: 


  • You've been on and off diets most of your life and you're ready for something different. 

  • You want more energy and confidence without strict rules or short-term strategies. 

  • You'd like a better relationship with food so that you can eat _____ without guilt, shame or fear. 

  • You're totally confused about what to eat (every day there seems to be a different theory out there!). 

  • You often find yourself eating when you're not hungry. 

  • You're ready to say F-it! to dieting and want to learn how to eat 'normally' again without compromising your health. 

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