Be your healthiest self without giving up the foods you love

Hi, I'm Michelle... 

I'm the founder of The Centre for Empowered Eating.

If you're like me, you're over diets, rules and restrictions and all the anxiety, guilt and fear that comes with them. That's why I've created my programmes, so that you never have to go on another diet again! 

Join us in breaking free from the diet cycle and learn to fall in love with food again so that you can feel great AND eat cake!  Learn more.  


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Are you looking to make some improvements to your health and relationship with food without giving up the foods you love?
Are you a certified health coach and/or nutrition professional looking to support your clients through Empowered Eating? 


I've spent the last 10 years learning about habit change and how to be our healthiest self WITHOUT having to give up the foods we love. Being sick of dieting, sick of weight cycling, and sick of feeling out of control and fearful of certain foods I created the ultimate 8-week course.  The Empowered Eating Course will 100% change you relationship with food and your body so you can feel great AND eat cake (without guilt, shame or fear). 

What is Empowered Eating all about?

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Completely change your mindset around food, health, and your body through this proven 8 step programme

1:1 Coaching

Looking for something individualised to your needs? Our coaches provide intuitive eating and body image coaching

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Most Popular option! Sign up for The Empowered Eating Course, 1:1 Coaching and The Club and save your sanity and money!

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Would you consider yourself
an emotional eater? You're not alone!

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After living life for 30 years constantly thinking about food, dieting, feeling guilty about what I ate and letting food dictate my self-worth I can say I am finally FREE. I wish I could explain to you the lightness I feel now. The heavy weight of shame and guilt have been lifted and I have so many other good things to put my mind to. I am more in tune with my body, its needs and I feel I am in charge of food, not the other way around.


Thank you so much, Michelle!  I have learnt so much with my one on one coaching sessions.  You were great to work with, so easy to talk to and understand me.  But most of all what you taught me makes sense and is something I can live by day to day

Michelle S

My biggest ah-ha moment was finding out my why ... why I eat when stressed or bored. And pausing to actually deal with the emotions rather than just 'eating' them. I like how this course took away the
guilt and made me aware of the messages of society that we all need to be skinny...