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Michelle Yandle

Coach - Speaker - Author - Teacher 


Hey there, I'm Michelle and if you’re concerned about your health or weight, you’re tired of dieting, find nutrition confusing and/or want simple solutions that work for good, I'm your lady. 

Join me in breaking free from the diet cycle and learn to enjoy eating again so that you can feel great AND eat cake!  

Nutrition Coaching

As a nutrition AND lifestyle coach, I can provide you with dietary advice to help you feel amazing, but can also give the coaching you need to break down barriers and see it through. 

Whether it be a single session or an 8-week coaching program I have something to suit your individual lifestyle, budget and taste buds - because, hey! we are all different and health should never be a one-sized fit all approach. 


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Michelle’s energy and passion radiate the moment her story begins.

Michelle is an educator, nutrition coach, successful entrepreneur and three-time author with a focus on traditional diets and instigating healing for problematic eating patterns. Her authenticity and passion shine through in her seminars and her message has been described as powerful, achievable and real.   Available for keynotes or workplace wellness programs. 

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Life-Changing Courses

When you diet, you’re dwelling on rules and restrictions. They are focused on looks rather than health and most of the time, you end up feeling tired and just plain frustrated, right? On top of all that, they don’t work! You lose the weight, but something happens and inevitably you give up and the weight returns – and then some.

You beat yourself up, you feel awful, you gain back the weight and then, the latest and best diet comes out and the cycle starts again, and again.


Ready for something different? 

Stop Dieting - Start Listening! 

The Empowered Eating Handbook

Get yourself a copy of Michelle Yandle's book: ​

With foreword by Cliff Harvey- Introduction by Dallas Hartwig

Hidden Veggie Chocolate Muffins
M.Y Chocolate Protein Balls
Black Currant Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Chip (Chickpea) Blondies

January 17, 2019

Christmas Rum Balls

December 8, 2018

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Michelle has been the missing link in my health journey. When I first came to see Michelle I felt very flat with low energy and moods, digestive and skin complaints as well as an irregular cycle. In each session we would work through lifestyle changes I could implement as well as the emotional thought patterns which were holding me back.


Thank you so much, Michelle!  I have learnt so much with my one on one coaching sessions.  You were great to work with, so easy to talk to and understand me.  But most of all what you taught me makes sense and is something I can live by day to day


Wow what can I say about this incredible human...I have to say a massive thanks to Michelle, for being so understanding to my needs, never passing judgement, offering healthier sustainable options not only with food but just with my overall wellness. Thanks for sticking with me on my past journey and my journey to come.

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Please Note: I do not provide the services of a licensed dietician, information received should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals. Read the full health disclaimer here.


Michelle Yandle Nutrition

Waitara, New Zealand