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Feel great AND eat cake! 

We help people to be their healthiest selves without giving up the foods they love. 


Hi, I'm Michelle... 


If you're like me, you're over diets, rules and restriction and all the anxiety, guilt and fear that comes with them. That's why I've created The Centre for Empowered Eating so that you can make peace with food, be happier and healthier and have more time for what matters. 

Join us in breaking free from the diet cycle and learn to fall in love with food again so that you can feel great AND eat cake!  More about me...  

The Empowered Eating Handbook

Stop Dieting - Start Listening

$25.00 NZD + Shipping


8 - Week Empowered Eating Programme

Your total health and mindset reset

Starting at $147.00 NZD


Empowered Eating

Coaching Packages

Tailored to your individual needs

Starting at $250.00 NZD

Moana Hancock

"Wow what can I say about this incredible human...I have to say a massive thanks to Michelle, for being so understanding to my needs, never passing judgement, offering healthier sustainable options not only with food but just with my overall wellness."

Stephani Lord-Harman

It's been interesting noticing my change in mindset since starting your course...
As someone who previously hated salads, most fruits and veggies and being active (wow lol) it's almost like I'm a different person."


Michelle has been the missing link in my health journey. When I first came to see Michelle I felt very flat with low energy and moods, digestive and skin complaints as well as an irregular cycle. In each session we would work through lifestyle changes I could implement as well as the emotional thought patterns which were holding me back.


Thank you so much, Michelle!  I have learnt so much with my one on one coaching sessions.  You were great to work with, so easy to talk to and understand me.  But most of all what you taught me makes sense and is something I can live by day to day

Michelle S

My biggest ah-ha moment was finding out my why ... why I eat when stressed or bored. And pausing to actually deal with the emotions rather than just 'eating' them. I like how this course took away the
guilt and made me aware of the messages of society that we all need to be skinny...

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Centre for Empowered Eating

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