What do I eat? 

3 questions to ask yourself in a "nutritionally confused" world... 

An Empowered Eating Online Event 



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Is this you? 

  •  You're thinking about hopping on the latest diet trend.  

  • You've been confused about what the heck to eat for health. Is gluten ok? What about dairy? etc. etc. etc. 

  • You've been on diet after diet and the rules keep changing! 

  • You've felt anxiety around certain foods and often worry about the food you eat. 

  • You want more energy so you can keep up with the littlies or just have more energy for everyday tasks. 
  • You just want to be your healthiest self without having to restrict your favourite foods. 


If you've ever asked yourself - "What the F do I eat now?" you're not alone. The diet and wellness industry is a billion-dollar industry that seems hellbent on making the world of nutrition oh so confusing. BUT it doesn't have to be, in fact - knowing what makes our bodies feel best is a basic human right and I want to gift that ability back to you as well as share with you some tips to put it into action so that you never have to go on another diet again. My 3 power questions will be game-changers when it comes to being an empowered eater and feeling in charge of your eating. So if you've ever felt confused, overwhelmed or anxious about food - and want to improve your health - this class is for you.  

What you will learn


How to be your healthiest self without having to diet. 


Clear up all the nutrition confusion once and for all


3 life-changing questions to ask before eating


Nutrition basics and a bit of myth busting! 


Practical tips to put healthier habits into action for good. 


Increase your energy, improve your mood and enjoy food freedom! 

...and heaps more! 

Our 'What do I eat?" class is hosted by Michelle Yandle on behalf of The Centre for Empowered Eating. 

This 60-minute online class takes place on February 11, 2021 and will include:

  • Full video recording of the class

  • Transcript of the class

  • Opportunity to ask questions directly to Michelle following the class. 

  • A free downloadable recipe ebook with heaps of delicious recipes.  




Meet your teacher

Michelle Yandle:

Founder of The Centre for Empowered Eating

Michelle is a certified health and nutrition coach, international and TEDx speaker and four-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating.™

Through her own painful relationship with food and self-image whereby despite having tried everything from point counting programs to shakes to Richard Simmons, Michelle would always find herself stuck in the same depressing, vicious cycle. Ultimately she would give in to cravings and self-sabotage any progress made and inevitably gain more weight than she'd lost in the first place - over and over again!


However, Michelle listened to her heart following turning her pain into passion and creating - The Centre for Empowered Eating which has helped hundreds of people regain their health without the rigorous rules and strict exercise regimens that endorse deprivation of any kind.


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