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Next intake opens February 2023

The ultimate Empowered Eating Experience is here!

Learn how to be healthier and happier without giving up the foods you love! 


It's happening this time... Are you ready?

"After living life for 30 years constantly thinking about food, dieting, feeling guilty about what I ate and letting food dictate my self-worth I can say I am finally FREE.


I wish I could explain to you the lightness I feel now. The heavy weight of shame and guilt has been lifted and I have so many other good things to put my mind to. I am more in tune with my body, its needs and I feel I am in charge of food, not the other way around."


Nadia A. 

Before The Experience...

  • Eating foods off of 'the plan' freaks you out.

  • You eat 'well' through the week only to lose it' on the weekends. 

  • Thoughts about food and your body consume a big chunk of your day.

  • You're not happy in your current body but can't handle the thought of going through another diet. 

  • You can't keep your favourite foods in the house - you'd eat them all at once!

  • You're tired of the cycle of starting a new diet, feeling restricted, falling off track, and then starting over and over again. 

  • You just want food freedom - but it's SO hard! 

After The Experience...

  • Piece of cake? Piece of cake!

  • No longer worry about weight gain- because you’ve learned to eat intuitively.   

  • You can eat what you want, when you want, without guilt, stress, or anxiety.

  • Co-exist with cookies…without completely losing your shit.

  • You’re the boss now, not food.

  • Completely forget about that bar of chocolate in the cupboard. 

  • Feeling healthy and energised like never before. That's what this is all about! 

After the programme you may just hear yourself say: 

  • "Oh! I didn't even notice they'd brought the breadbasket to the table." 

  • "Sure, I'd love another piece of cake". 

  • "Chocolate? No thank you, I'm not actually hungry." 

  • "Check out my new swimsuit - I can't wait to jump in the pool." 

  • "Two scoops for me, please."

  • "Hey kids! You're going to have to run faster than that to catch me!" 

Sliced Bread

"This course empowers YOU so what you learn is meaningful for you and to get away from the constant jumping from one unsuccessful diet to the next. Truly recommend this course."   - Michelle S



The Empowered Eating course has been helping people to give up dieting to take care of their health and wellbeing. Its proven 8 steps have left people shouting “Amen!” and feeling empowered in their food choices.


The Empowered Eating experience however...

... that’s going to be NEXT LEVEL. 

"Since doing your Empowered Eating Course, a few weeks ago, I haven't 'denied' myself any foods. It's been enlightening, and my weight hasn't yo-yo'd"


Michelle Yandle testimonial

Sarah Weaver

The Experience will give you all the help and resources you need to be your healthiest self without confusing rules and shopping lists...

Healthy Lunch

By the end of the experience you will have: 

  • A clear idea of which foods are best for your unique body and taste buds. 

  • A newfound connection with your body and its signals. 

  • All your favourite foods in the cupboard without them calling your name 24/7

  • A go-to reference with everything you need to revisit the programme at any time.

  • The ‘aha’ moments you wish you’d had years ago. 

  • A clear path forward without diets 

  • A 200-page resource you can hold in the palm of your hand as well as a pdf that you can print out any time...  And so much more! 

But I’ve tried everything and nothing works!!!

I know, I know, that's why we're here though right? I’ve been there too! But guess what I’ve learned. It’s NOT your fault. There’s a reason why dieting doesn’t work and we’re going to learn all about it my friend. I want you to feel empowered, not like a failure. By the end of this programme you’ll be ready to punch diets in the face for everything they’ve done to mess up your mind and body over the years. Time to break free friends, time to REALLY take care of your health and wellbeing…. Without diets (they are dicks).


Also, my friend, you haven’t tried this! 


Penny shares her Empowered Eating experience:

IMG_4059 2.jpg

What makes it different?

  • Research-based programme

  • Hardcopy Empowered Eating Workbook

  • Care package – oh man, this is what makes it super special! So many treats!

  • Online course catering to all learning types (reader, watcher, listener, writer? I’ve got you).

  • Support group: We’ve got your back.

  • Fortnightly live group chats

  • Email support. Reach out any time!

  • Check-ins from our founder Michelle Yandle!

“I feel like I'm in control and capable. Plus the feeling of not feeling ammmaaazzzziinnggg!” 
                                                  – Previous course participant 

Did someone say care package??

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 3.17.38 PM.png

In this care package, I’ve specially picked some super treats just for you.


Including the Empowered Eating Workbook, a beautiful journal and some extra treats.

... shhhh


All wrapped up in a fancy box to help you boost your motivation and take care of yourself.

So, what's holding you back? 

Fear of failure?

Nah uh. You can’t fail at this one. 
I know, you’ve been there, done diets before but this is different. I promise you. You absolutely can’t fail because there is no wrong way to do this programme. And if you’ve self-sabotaged in the past – well you’ve come to the right place. We’ll get to the bottom of ‘why’ and what you can do about it.  Just have an open mind, go through the modules, get support and watch the magic unfold. Ok, it’s not magic, it’s research but what eves. 

Wanting an easier ‘way out’

Yeah yeah I know. Diets are so glitzy and pretty and make such lovely promises but has the ‘easy’ way out been all that easy? Did the weight stay off? Was it so much fun to restrict your favourite foods? Did you feel empowered around cookies? Bottom line, is quick and easy doesn’t work long term. Empowered eating on the other hand –is a game changer. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science either. I’ll guide you through small doable and sustainable steps along the way. It’s worked for others, it will work for you! 

Worried it will be just another thing you’ll buy and never use?

Yeah I know, we’re inundated with online courses these days (thanks Covid) and maybe you’ve done a few in the past and just got tired of staring at a computer screen. But! The Empowered Eating Experience is different! Not only do you have your very own workbook to guide you (honestly, you don’t even have to open your computer if you don’t want to) you’ll have heaps of support through our live classes and can reach out any time. We’re in this together. This is an experience – not just another online course. 

Too busy?

Welcome to the club. Seriously though, this programme is designed to work within your schedule. You can put in as little or as much time as you’d like and you’ll still get the job done. You’ll have access to the group, and the materials for life – so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Wait, there's more! 

Man oh man, do I ever want to see you succeed. This is what I’m all about. It’s what gets me up in the morning (well that and coffee) and drives me to do what I do. I really want to make this work for you. I’ll do anything to see you succeed and so The Experience comes with a whole lot of extra support. I'm here to: 

  • Keep you on track! You’ll have weekly modules with action steps and heaps of ‘ah-ha’ moments to unlock your inner motivation.

  • Keep you accountable: You’ll have me checking in with you throughout the course as well as doing LIVE classes every fortnight where you can ask questions and share successes.

  • Answer your questions: Not only can you ask questions in the Experience support group – but you can email me any time (yep, even 3am when your brain is spinning)_ and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (probably not at 3am).

  • Offer support and love: I’m here for you. What more can I say? We’re in this together.

The Empowered Eating Story... 

Hi. I was the school weirdo.

I know what it’s like to be different and thanks to that I wanted to create something different. I was that sweet, slightly weird 80’s kid with a ‘few extra Kg's’, the perm and some sweet as bottle cap glasses. Basically, a walking target for those mean kids.

That being said, if I hadn’t had the experiences I had and spent most of my life ‘fitting out’ I wouldn’t have been able to create this programme – because trying to ‘fit in’ is what got us into this mess in the first place. Let’s be rebels, let’s be slightly weird together and lets’ do things differently for a change – because let’s face it. It’s hip to be square. 

Doing things different with
someone who’s a bit "different" 


“So very happy about eating with intention and not feeling guilty about my choices ONCE since we started this journey. And that is FREEDOM to me. I love it.”


– Empowered Eating participant 

Yeah.. but I still have a few questions...

Is this definitely going to work? 

Yikes! #awkward. Seriously though, that's a good question! Like any programme/course/training or anything like this. The results are based purely on what you put into it, the actions you take, the decisions you make and the time you put into it etc. etc. etc. I can’t make any promises or guarantees because I don’t know you! And while I’m here to support you, I can’t MAKE you do anything right? 

What I can tell you though, that this course has been set up to make things a lot easier for you to succeed if you do the work and take action on it. 

Will I lose weight? 

Ah, geez. You're really putting me on the spot today! Honest answer, I don’t know.  If you have excess weight on your body due to an unhealthy relationship with food you might lose weight on this programme but all bodies and circumstances are different and so there is no way to say. Empowered Eating is a non-diet approach to having a healthy relationship to food (diets are usually the things that screw us up in the first place, and you can’t heal from what hurt ya!). That said, Empowered Eating is still very much a health-promoting choice. It can help you find what a healthy weight is for your body, based on your natural set-point weight (your genetic blueprint) and a set of healthy behaviours, not based on a number on the scale. Empowered Eating works under the general idea that health is a feeling not a look. Cool with that? 

I'm on a special diet, can I still do this programme? 

You sure can! Remember how we’re getting away from diets? That also means that this course does not give you any strict rules or meal plans – just some inspiration and tips to make meal planning super easy. If you need additional support with your condition and specific advice, you may want to work with one of our nutritionists along the way. Any advice should NEVER replace that of your GP and/or medical professionals.

Do I have time for this? 

I don't know... do you? The beauty of this course is you can spend as little or as much time as you’d like. The modules open up weekly and each module has some activities and reading as well as videos to watch. Overall, you can do this course in just 10 min a day, or 30 min or so a week. Maybe a quick read once the kids are in bed or on a break at work. If time is particularly short, I'd start by treating it as simply some learnings and read a bit each day. You can go back and do the tasks and activities when you have more time.

Why do you only run "the experience" once a year? 

Because epic experiences take epic amounts of time. There's a lot involved in setting this programme up including fancy boxes and special stickers. Not only that but I intend to give you 100% and that kind of dedication takes up a lot of time and energy - no matter how much I love it! So! Yep, once a year but well worth the wait. If you're a keen bean and you really want to dig in... you can always do the self-study option now and upgrade when doors re-open. 

Is this different to The Empowered Eating Programme?  

Yes and no. This IS the Empowered Eating programme but the difference is that it includes the group coaching experience. A once a year opportunity to work with Michelle (our founder) exclusively in an online group setting. The other difference is the special care pack, custom-designed to say "we care" and give you some physical tools to support you on your journey.  If you've already done the Empowered Eating programme, you can still do this by simply 'topping up' with a one-time payment of $197. 

Do I need to be tech-savvy to do this course? 

It helps. This course is 100% online and so there is some basic understanding of the web and apps needed to do this programme. That being said, if you're comfortable with online meetings, sending emails and shopping online, for example, you'll be able to do this programme. We're here to help! 

Last question... how long will I have access to the digital materials? 

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

“The overriding success for me has been an easing of the guilt I have always felt around food and removal of the scales. I haven’t weighed myself in nearly three months and it has been a weight off my shoulders.” 

Kay G. 

Oh, wait!    One more question... How much does it cost?? 

What price tag would you put on completely changing your relationship with food, so that you have health and vitality, without losing your shit around food? I know I've seen a few other programmes out there and they are charging quadruple amounts for something like this (and they don't offer a sweet sweet care package.

No more diets = priceless


  • Fortnightly live group coaching classes

  • Sweet sweet care package

  • The new Empowered Eating Workbook!

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • A free year-long membership to The Club 

  • Full support from Michelle Yandle, founder 

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 3.17.38 PM.png

 $547 NZD

Payment plan option: Two monthly payments of

$275 NZD

Bring a buddy and
save $50. Sign two up for

$997 NZD


Michelle Yandle (she/her)

Michelle Yandle is a certified Health and Nutrition Coach and health coach instructor through The Institute for Holistic Performance Nutrition. 


She is an international speaker with IISB, successful entrepreneur, intuitive eating coach and 5-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health, and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating™. 

Michelle received her bachelor degree at Dalhousie University, Halifax while later achieving a graduate degree in education at the University of Maine at Fort Kent.  She has then furthered her education with a graduate certificate through the school of Holistic Performance Nutrition and certificates in health and nutrition coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Prekure. She currently is a lecturer at the Holistic Performance Institute training new health coaches worldwide. Michelle also has certificates in studied Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating and the non-diet approach. Michelle follows a HAES© approach to health and wellbeing for all bodies. 

   You can learn more about Michelle through her TEDx talk HERE.

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