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"Michelle’s energy and passion radiate the moment her story begins."

School Teacher turned nutrition coach, Michelle is a successful entrepreneur and three-time author with a passion for teaching about health and nutrition.


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   " I love working with schools, businesses and individuals within the health and wellness industry and beyond. I feel honoured to be able to inspire people throughout New Zealand and the world by sharing with them my own health journey and giving you the simple steps you need so that they can move forward with your health." 



"Her authenticity and passion shine through in her seminars and her message has been described as powerful, achievable and real."  

Workplace wellness

Physical and mental performance improve with good health.


Michelle and her team offer a range of inspiring and motivating workshops and coaching programs to encourage you and your staff to take action towards health, resulting in better morale, boosting productivity and minimising employee sick days.

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"Michelle’s message for others is that health doesn’t have to be complicated and that we can learn simple techniques for health for a lifetime simply by going back to the basics we’ve left so far behind."

Copy writing

Looking for some non-diet inspiration for your magazine, blog, or newspaper? 

I've had the honour to work with many brands to share the empowered eating message including Nadia magazine, Nourish Magazine, Nuzest New Zealand online, 

and Healthy Food Guide NZ... and would love to work with you. 

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Going Back - Moving Forward: TEDx

Proud member of the International Indigenous Speakers Bureau