The Problem with "All or Nothing"

How many diets do you know of?

Seriously, take a moment to rattle some off in your head.

Some of the big ones today include Keto and intermittent fasting. It wasn’t long ago that Paleo was the ‘in’ thing. We’ve had some ‘amazing’ ones in the past too, everything from Atkins to Ice Cream diets (yes, it’s true).

Many diets work short term, maybe even all of them do, but who wants to achieve “short term weight loss’ or ‘short term health’. 97% of the time diets are not sustainable. There is very little long term 10-25+ year research on the sustainability of diets because of that very reason. You’ll see study after study showing the benefits of this diet or that but always ask ‘for how long’? More often than not, long term data is not available.

There are SO many reasons why they don’t work long term but it almost always has to do with restriction and not being sustainable for the person without some level of anxiety. You may be able to give up your favourite foods, but at what cost?

When it comes to changing your diet, my question is – why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

We will often go from a really crummy way of eating that doesn’t make us feel good. To a full blown diet. A complete whitewash! There’s no middle ground. Many people tell me that’s just how they work – they’re ‘all or nothing’. The problem with all or nothing though is that it’s simply that… ALL or NOTHING. More often than not, the ‘all’ part of that is short lived.

What would happen if we started small?

I know, not nearly as sexy. BUT, what if just making a few changes started to give you the results you wanted? Tadaa! That’d be pretty cool right? If that’s the case, why go hard? What if you started to add in more veggies each day and you were starting to feel great and notice changes in your body composition and energy levels?

How would you even know this was possible if you jump straight to Keto. What if small changes are enough?

What a waste of delicious carbs to jump straight into Keto when maybe, quite possibly you can eat bread and still achieve your goals.

Cliff Harvey often talks about this in his step wise approach and it’s discussed in detail in my Empowered Eating course. A stepwise approach means that rather than going straight to Keto for example, maybe you could start by trying to get more natural foods in your diet or doing more cooking at home? Or, maybe reducing the amount of sugar in your diet is all you need to do.

Sometimes these smaller steps lead to better results – and, because they are simpler and gentler they are often far more likely to stick.

So, what if less was actually more? Well that sounds good to me!

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