The Empowered Eating Course FAQ

You can imagine that since launching the Empowered Eating Course I've gotten a lot of questions about the programme. Below are some of the most common questions I've received over the past 3 years but please let me know if you have more!

1. Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants an alternative to going on another diet. For those who are sick of dieting and still want to be healthy without all the strict rules, hunger, guilt, shame and frustration that goes with dieting.

The idea is that you’ll be set for life, that if you go through the modules and take the time to do the work that this will be a game changer for you and your relationship with food. I’ve seen it happen over and over again – the life changing feeling of never having to diet, being confident, healthy, energised and able to eat all the foods you love without feeling out of control.

To summarise, this course was made for you if:

  • Have been on more than one diet and you’re sick of the weight cycling and frustration that comes with them.

  • You feel out of control, or addicted to certain foods

  • You use food as a distraction or coping mechanism when your feelings are uncomfortable.

  • You feel guilt and shame after overeating certain foods

  • You’re out of touch with your own body’s signals (hunger/fullness)

  • Your energy is low, your health could be better but you just need a better way to do it.

2. How much time is involved?

The beauty of this course is you can spend as little or as much time as you’d like. The modules open up weekly and each module has some activities and reading as well as videos to watch. Overall, you can do this course in just 10 min a day, or 30 min or so a week. Maybe a quick read once the kids are in bed or on a break at work.

If time is particularly short, I'd start by treating it as simply some learnings and read a bit each day. You can go back and do the tasks and activity when you have more time.

3. What is the cost? Can I do a payment plan?

You have three options cost-wise which will depend on the level of support you need. For those who are self-motivated, you can do the DIY option for only $147. You’ll get access to all the modules and activities. The next up and most popular is the supported programme which includes a breakthrough session with myself or coach Gail to get you started and then weekly follow up messages via our secure online platform. You can also reach out to us at any time. The third option is the full coaching package. You’ll get a breakthrough session, weekly messages, two check in sessions, and a exit session to look at the next steps. So there are options for any budget and level of support needed.

And yes, there are payment plans available. I will make it work for anyone who wants to do this course.

4. How long will I have access to the course?

For as long as you need it! Simple as that.

5. What if I need more support?

We have coaching packages available to you once you’ve completed the course should you need more help. All our coaches are trained in Empowered Eating, Intuitive Eating and basic nutrition for health. We are all also certified coaches and Gail is a holistic nutritionist as well.

6. How is the programme delivered?

This programme is delivered though my super exciting online platform created by a company called Practice Better. All those who sign up for the course get access to my online health journal, resources, food and mood diary, instant messaging and video calls, and an anonymous support community. Everything is delivered by web, or by app (or both).

7. I have a special diet, can I do this programme?

You sure can! Remember how we’re getting away from diets? That also means that this course does not give you any strict rules or meal plans – just some inspiration and tips to make meal planning super easy. If you need additional support with your condition and specific advice, you may want to work with one of our nutritionists along the way.

8. Will I lose weight?

Honest answer, I don’t know. If you have excess weight on your body due to an unhealthy relationship with food you might lose weight on this programme but all bodies and circumstances are different and so there is no way to say. Empowered Eating is a non-diet approach to having a healthy relationship to food (diets are usually the things that screw us up in the first place, and you can’t heal from what hurt ya!). That said, Empowered Eating is still very much a health promoting choice. It can help you find what a heathy weight is for your body, based on your natural set-point weight (your genetic blueprint) and a set of healthy behaviours, not based on a number on the scale. Empowered Eating works under the general idea that health is a feeling not a look.


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