The Breakfast Experiment

One of the ultimate goals of The Empowered Eating Programme is to help you to re-learn how to listen to your body’s signals. For so long, many of us have let diets and dogma rule our daily food choices, letting the rules of the game dictate what, when, how much and even if we eat.

There are lots of tools that I share in the programme but one in particular that I really love is ‘The Breakfast Experiment”.

This experiment involves choosing 5-7 different types of breakfasts and tuning in to how your body reacts to them, as well as if you actually enjoy them. It's as simple as that. You might choose a higher carb breakfast one day, protein and fat based one another day and then mix things up for the rest.

Here's an example of what a week might look like:

  • Day 1 Scrambled eggs and a fatty meat such as bacon, or avocado.

  • Day 2 A homemade or store-bought muffin and fruit yoghurt.

  • Day 3 Porridge your way.

  • Day 4 High Protein Breakfast Cereal. *

  • Day 5 Berry smoothie with protein and avocado.

  • Day 6 Delayed breakfast (if you're not hungry)

The ultimate goal is to try to keep the breakfasts different. Each day, assess how you feel straight after eating and then again in 2 hours time. Do you still feel satisfied? Are you "hangry"? These are all things to consider when figuring out what's best for you.

Some people feel more satisfied with a lower carb breakfast; others feel like they need a little more. Personally, I feel best when I have a good combination of fibre and protein and so for me, my High Protein Breakfast cereal or my homemade granola is tops.

Naturally I’m also choosing breakfasts based on my own taste buds and sweet cereal-type breakfasts are my faves. Your protein source may be eggs on toast and that’s great too. That’s the whole point of the experiment to determine what breakfasts make you feel the best while you’re eating it, as well as afterwards.

Once you’ve finished your week, here are some questions for reflection:

  • Which breakfast/breakfasts worked best for you?

  • What did you notice about the ones that didn't?

  • My favourite breakfast ideas/recipes

Also it’s important to note that what works for us one week can also change, or not– remain curious, be flexible and enjoy! I'd love to know how you get on. Get in touch and let me know!

xx Michelle

* This post has been sponsored in partnership with High Protein Breakfast Co. Because... I love it and apparently they love me too. :)


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