'Million Dollar" Vegan Freezer Fudge

I called this ‘million dollar’ fudge because it’s a bit pricey to make. That being said, it makes A LOT. It’s so rich you can only do a very small bite at a time, and I’m not just saying that! My friends at High Protein Breakfast Company have been encouraging me to get creative with their vegan high protein breakfast cereal and I’m sure this recipe won’t disappoint!


Vanilla cashew fudge:

½ cup melted virgin coconut oil (or very soft)

½ cup cashew butter

1/3 cup maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla paste or extract

Large pinch of salt.

Chocolate Almond fudge:

½ cup melted virgin coconut oil (or very soft)

¼ cup almond butter

½ cup Dutch processed cocoa powder

½ cup maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla paste

Large pinch of salt

½ cup High Protein Breakfast Cereal (Apple Crumble*)


Line a large loaf tin with baking paper.

Grab a large bowl and add the vanilla cashew fudge ingredients to the bowl. Using electric beaters, mix the ingredients until creamy (you could also do this in a food processor).

Spread the cashew fudge into the bottom of the loaf tin until even. Place in the freezer for a bit while you make the chocolate fudge layer.

Add the chocolate almond fudge ingredients to the same bowl (you don’t even have to clean it!) and beat again with the electric mixer until nice and creamy. You guessed it, you now spread this over the cashew mixture as evenly as you can.

Sprinkle with your superfood mix and press down on it a bit so that it sticks. Return this to the freezer until hard.

Cut into desired sized pieces, remembering this is VERY rich so you won’t need big ones. Store the pieces in the freezer because they will melt very quickly in warm areas!


* Of course you could used any toasted chopped nuts. Anything would be delicious but this is a paid partnership between myself and High Protein Breakfast so of course I’ll use that. :)

** No, this isn’t ‘healthy fudge’. All foods can fit into a healthy diet, this is a vegan fudge for my vegan or dairy free friends. It is just as much a treat as regular fudge with plenty of delicious fat and sugar. Need help with that? Check out my signature programme.

Enjoy the fudge!

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