Introducing High Protein Breakfast Co.

It’s been a while since I have aligned myself into a paid partnership with another company. You would have remembered years ago I was the ambassador for Bin Inn New Zealand and have worked closely with Nuzest New Zealand for over 7 years now. I don’t take paid partnerships lightly and each one I engage with starts with me just really liking their product or ethos and telling them so. And so began a friendship and new business partnership with High Protein Breakfast Co.

Several years ago, I first encountered Liz and her cereal at an expo in Auckland. I remember at the time thinking how cool it was that she had created something completely different in the cereal world. I really value novel ideas!

Since then, Liz and I have crossed paths several times and it wasn’t until lockdown last year that we realized we had a whole heap in common (including spending way too much time looking at cat and golden buzzer videos online). We also value a breakfast that tastes good and makes us feel good which is why I first began enjoying HPB in the first place.

Not long after that, Liz and I became good friends and she made a giant leap to move here to New Plymouth from Auckland. Lucky us! Since then she’s released a whole new flavour of HPB suitable for all dietary needs and interests and well, it’s amazing.

Huge chunks of freeze-dried apples, roasted hazelnuts and all sorts of goodies. Because it is high in protein – it packs a punch and keeps me satisfied for a good few hours. While it hasn’t been officially launched, keep an eye out for it – it’s so good.

So, I love Liz’s cereal, love Liz, and her cats and so it was a natural progression to partner my company with hers to help promote something that can help you feel great in the mornings. Mornings should be treasured – they set the stage for the rest of the day. So, you’ll see me occasionally creating recipes and sharing info on her cereal and how it links with my own ethos around Empowered Eating and having a healthy relationship with food and yourself because that’s just delicious.

xx Michelle


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