Cookie Dough Caramel Protein Bars

These are fairly decadent for a protein bar but great for morning tea or afternoon tea when you just want a little something sweet but satiating. Easy to make too! If you don't feel like dipping the squares in chocolate you can always give them a good drizzle.

This recipe is based on one by Charley's Health - you can see the original recipe HERE, and fine mine below.


1 cup almond flour

2 scoops Nuzest Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein

2 Tbsp cashew or peanut butter

1 Tbsp melted coconut oil

2 Tbsp honey (or maple syrup)

Generous pinch of sea salt

Handful of dark chocolate chips (or cut up chocolate bar like I used)

* water as needed

Mix the ingredients (except water) together and then add water 1 Tbsp at a time, as needed, to make the mixture come together.


2 Tbsp honey or maple syrup

3 Tbsp cashew or peanut butter

Pinch of sea salt

Milk as needed

Stir the honey, nut butter and sea salt together then add a little bit of milk of choice until it is spreadable. It won’t need much.

Chocolate coating:

75g dark chocolate

1 Tbsp coconut oil

Melt these together over a double boiler, or in the microwave for 15 second increments.

Directions for assembly:

Press the base mix into a standard sized loaf tin lined with baking paper.

Top with the ‘caramel’ and then place into the freezer to set. 1-3 hours approximately.

Once set, slice into small squares and dip each square into the melted chocolate mixture. Drizzle with any excess chocolate and sprinkle with a bit of sea salt crystals.

Store in the fridge until ready to eat.


Remember as always, you can get 20% off all Nuzest products with code MYANDLE

As well as delicious PEAK chocolate from Vital Health NZ.

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