Goodbye Food Rules - Hello Bananas!

Food rules suck and I am done with them like dinner, no good can come from policing what goes into our mouths.

The reason that this is on my mind is because I was rummaging around my fridge looking for vegetables for supper and I saw the carrots and thought I can’t have them because…… of a food rule, too high on the Glycemic Index, too much sugar blah blah blah. Well I was feeling naughty and I cooked those carrots for supper tonight and then I ate them. I really like carrots.

I have many food rules bumbling around in my head, placed there over the years by media and “health experts”. Foods that have been labelled as “good” , “bad” or superfoods (what the heck is that anyway, do they even have a cape?)

What did the lowly carrot do to deserve such a bad rap? Why couldn’t they be remembered for things like being high in in vitamin A, Beta Carotene and other nutrients. Or maybe for the fact that they taste amazing especially when they are fresh from the garden.

The only thing a food rule is going to do is make a very natural behaviour such as eating, a stressful situation and I believe we have enough stress without adding more.

I’m going to eat carrots and bananas and whatever food I want and I’m going to like them.

But, I’m not going to eat Quinoa no matter how good it is for me

Time to ditch the rules and love the food. Bring on the bananas baby!

Gail Powers-Moore is currently studying

nutrition with Alive Academy,

she is a Social Worker,

recovering yo-yo dieter

and one of the best people

in the world (because she's my sister).

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