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Be real, be you, be brave
Photo by Tammie Pittwood

It’s been almost 9 years in this business I’m getting a makeover! Not one of those horrible weight-loss before/after makeovers but one for my brand.

You may have started to see a few things slip out here and there. Some new colours, some new images and maybe even my new logo? I’ve been trying to keep things under wraps but it’s super hard!!

I’ll be officially launching things soon but in the meantime I wanted to share with you why I’m going through this makeover because it’s actually really really meaningful for me and my company.

Firstly, I have always done everything myself, since day 1. My website, my branding, all of it. Which is fine, but I’m at a place now where I want to invest in my business and what it offers because I’m proud of what I’ve created and I know it can help people, why shouldn’t I invest?

I’ve come to realise that my old branding, and website is a reflection of who I thought people wanted to see, rather than who I am, this goes against everything that I teach as part of going against diet culture but for someone who has experienced trauma for not fitting in, it felt safe for me to have a brand that resembled all the cool kids ones.

But I soon realised, now in my 44th year of life that it’s trying to fit in that has gotten us all into this mess in the first place. Trying to look like society’s beauty standards ,and trying to be what we believe other people want to see and I realised that I had a brand that was doing that. That I was doing that, inadvertently – amongst my peers.

But what I do is different. I’m different. I’m a bit weird a bit of a quiet rebel in many ways and I wanted my brand to reflect this. Hence where I am heading. I’m so excited to share it with you.

So what is my new look all about

The colours will be going out of my comfort zone a bit because I no longer want me and my message to blend in, I want it to stand out – even if that means going a bit pinker than I ever thought I’d ever go!

The logo is a bit edgier than my previous one it’s a silent riot against all the industries telling us we’re not good enough.

It’s message is that we need to do something different, we need to be brave, to be quiet (or loud) rebels in order to break free from diet culture and appearance ideals. I want my brand to say that The Centre for Empowered Eating is to the wellness industry what Elvis Presley was to the music industry in the 50’s. We’re shaking things up much like Elvis’ hips did.

Imagine Johnny cash to the country music scene, imagine the crazy cat lady to the Stepford Wives. The Punk rock professional.

We’re being weird, we’re fitting out and that’s ok. Because we need to do things differently if we want to redefine health, to improve our body image, To take a stand for the children and teens in our lives. Diets and body shame don’t work – all they do is keep us in a safe little cycle that leads to so many mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health concerns.

I’m so excited about this, I know my brand will soon portray all of this more effectively and I hope you will accept this new direction. I feel like I am finally being 100% me and not everyone will like that but hey, that’s life, those who do will be my people.

I hope you’ll stick with me.

Lots of exciting things to come too, including the new website so watch this space!

Thank you


Be brave, fit out
Photo by Tammie Pittwood

Fitting out

A poem by Michelle Yandle (me!)

We are the bullied

The children of the 80s and 90s

We are the writers of sad poetry

The weirdos

The freaks

Those who fought to survive

TO be part of something ‘better’

Though that “better” only made us worse

We are also the fierce

The brave

We’re saying no to ‘heroin chic’

Our bodies are not a trend.

Our uniqueness is our superpower

We’re survivors

And we will no longer being weighed down by the expectations of others

We’re cool with being uncool

It’s hip to be square

We’re fine with fitting out

We’re the creatives, the carers, the coaches, the artists the nerds and the nurses

The mothers, the sisters, the aunties and BFFs

And we will no longer compromise our health to be something that we’re not.

We will shake things up like Elvis shook the music scene

Like Johnny cash’s country upheaval

We’re the crazy cat ladies to the Stepford wives

And the punk rock professionals.

We will rebel against those who tell us we’re not good enough and

We’re ok with that.

Fitting in is what fucked us up

Fitting out is freedom.

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