Small Steps - Big Ripples

We’ve all been there. We’ve started a new diet plan and we’re given a list of foods to eat and not eat. We’re throwing everything out, we’re doing a pantry clean up! We’re avoiding all our favourite treats, we’re adding in 45 minutes of cardio a day. We’ve got the meal plans instructing what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and oh no, no going out with friends for at least a couple weeks while I get my head around all this!

A week or two in, we’re so ecstatic! We’re losing weight, we’re feeling amazing, we’re posting pictures of a delicious’ green goopy smoothies on Instagram for all to see. We’ve done it! We’re awesome! One chocolate won’t hurt us.

Big steps right?

But, that chocolate was so good. OMG was it good. Might as well have another. Or maybe you don’t have the time today to do exercise, you’ve got meetings and kids to pick up. So, we’ll just skip the exercise today. Tomorrow is much of the same. One the weekend we’re out with friends, the wine is flowing, oh what’s another glass?

These big steps start to cause our knees to buckle. One small indulgence at a time. We blame our willpower, we blame ourselves, we blame each other, we’ll even blame the food industry and those naughty naughty carbs. Next thing you know we’re back where we came from (and then some!) And it’s getting harder and harder to start over.

Sound familiar?

Is the problem you? I’m going to say… no. The problem is the thinking the ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality that is keeping you stuck. I’ve heard it countless times, clients coming into my clinic and telling me that the only approach that works for them is ‘all or nothing’. But, the problem with 'all or nothing' is just that. It’s all – then nothing. So, is it really working? Maybe for a few weeks, months or even years – but then what?

What if we can change it around? What about a small step that might have a big ripple rather than creating such a splash?

One thing I always discuss with clients is something I call” small steps – big ripples”. It’s starting with 1-2 steps that you can take towards your desired outcomes that will have the biggest ripple with the least amount of effort.

What’s something you can do RIGHT NOW or at least next week, that will have an effect that will trickle out into all areas of your life?

For some it might be making meal planning a part of their routine. By simply planning for 30 minutes a day you have all the healthy meals and snacks you need. You now have choice when it comes to healthier eating because within reach is that protein bar you love or a piece of fruit.

For others, it might be getting into the habit of having breakfast. You’ve noticed that when you eat breakfast your blood sugars and energy levels are more stable and you’re less likely to overeat at lunch or later in the day. It seems to set you up in a big way.

You see, while 30 minutes of meal planning or having breakfast are small steps but they have huge ripples into how the rest of your day goes.

Think small with big effects – think long lasting – and enjoy the ripples.

What can you do today to take that first step and create a big ripple in your life?

Hint: it’s not weight watchers

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