What the F*** Do I Eat?

Everywhere you look there’s a new ‘wonder’ diet.

Online there’s the latest and best, and in your circle of friends there’s often someone who declares that the ___ diet is the best thing to ever happen to them.

One-week carbs are good, the next they are bad. Then there’s sugar – I can remember a time when it was ok to eat a bag of lollies on Weight Watchers because they were fat free. Now it’s sugar that they say we need to ban. We hear some say to eat six meals a day while others say we need to fast. Some people swear by a vegan diet and others a more carnivore approach. Meanwhile, everyone is adamant they are right and everyone else is just plain confused.

Have you ever thought to yourself “What the F*** do I eat?”

Despite an ever-increasing pool of nutrition information people are becoming more and more lost when it comes to what to eat.

I asked in my recent TEDx talk: How have we taken something so inherently natural and turned it into something so incredibly confusing?

I get a little bit fired up over it all to be honest. This is our birthright and yet, for some reason or another (ie diet culture) we’ve lost our natural ability to simply know what to eat.

Enter... Gentle Nutrition.

Offering a gentle approach to nutrition is my way of clearing some confusion and giving people their power back. It’s a gentle and respectful approach that does not discount nutrition or nutritious foods. It’s about nutrition information as tools not rules and teaching people how to engage in flexibility of diet without guilt, shame or fear and without compromising their health goals.

I want to gift you back your confidence in your eating choices. To be able to call out a resounding BS when you encounter some of the nutrition info out there and to be able to feel great without having to give up the foods you love.

It’s about learning your own unique formula for what works best for your body so that you can feel in charge of your eating again and know what’s right for you, no matter what the v-loggers say.

Many of these nutrition meal plans and programs simply leave you confused and dependent on others when I want you to be independently in charge of knowing and trusting what is right for you.

That’s what Gentle Nutrition is all about. We’ll relearn the basics and learn how to heal our bodies without restrictive diets – because guess what – if you really want to heal your gut, you must be at peace with the foods you eat and there is a way to heal in a way that doesn’t leave you crying for carbs.

If you're tired of being confused, and asking 'what the f*** do I eat?!', check out my latest class! Happening soon!


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