When Making an Impact Nearly Impacted My Health

Since I left teaching, 4 years ago I’ve started my own nutrition coaching business, coconut butter business, got two certificates in nutrition, and spoke locally and internationally. I wrote an online course, I wrote four books, became a national brand ambassador, have had interviews with Art Green and on The AM Show, The Hitz and We are Women. I am signed up as a contractor with major companies, helped organise a health and wellness expo, two health events, have had articles in magazines and online with Awesome Inc, Newshub Online, Nuzest and other companies and helped countless clients to make changes with their health.

Since I left teaching, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I lost two of my closest friends to Cancer, supported my husband when he became jobless, got forced out of my home, bought a new home (after a year of trying), was in a stressful work environment and have been back and forth to Canada twice to see my dad and help mom.

And I still haven’t had a holiday...

Busyness is often glorified in today's working world and I often hear people commenting on and complementing others on how much they get done, especially as entrepreneurs. Wow, they’d say to me, how do you do it all? To be honest, I did do it all, but at a cost. The ‘go go go’ attitude along with heartbreak and stress over several years got me to a point recently where I was my lowest in some time.

As with all things, something had to give. For the past year I’ve been suffering from burnout, exhaustion, anxiety and a host of other complications. A couple of months ago I realised, enough is enough, I spend so much time taking care of all my clients and family and it is time that I took care of myself (sound familiar?). Since then, I have actively taken some steps to help build myself back up and today, I'm feeling pretty darn fab I must say.

So what have been my go-to strategies over these past few months?

1. Supplementation: Yes, I eat well but nobody is perfect. There are some key supplements that I know can be helpful especially when it comes to the health of the brain and stress support.

Firstly, I have started regularly applying Magnesium oil. When we're stressed, magnesium can become depleted. I love the Blantz NZ magnesium oil*, I just massage it into my feet before bed. Who doesn't love a good foot massage before tucking in? Better yet, get someone else to do it! Speaking of oil, I also love MCT oil as another added brain health support.

Secondly, I like to tick all the boxes with a good multi. There are two that I absolutely love including Good Green Stuff and the Woman's Pure Pack from Nutrition Store Online. On warmer days it's Good Green Stuff all the way, but when I can't bring myself to drink a cold smoothie, I love the Woman's multi.

Lastly, a healthy gut including a variety of probiotic strains is essential to health as far as I'm concerned. I know it certainly helped me. I've been using *Vita Biosa these past few weeks and really noticed a difference in my digestion.

I also made some dietary changes which seemed to help me with mood. I won't get into the details as what works for one, doesn't always work for others, but feel free to get in touch for an individual consultation.

2. Boundaries: When it comes to my business I have now realised that burning the candle at both ends doesn't help me or my clients and so rather than doing ALL THE THINGS I am doing more focused and meaningful tasks, those that have the biggest impact. I've been focusing more on my role as Bin Inn Ambassador, keynotes, my joy of writing both online and in print and 1:1 coaching through an amazing company I'm contracted with. Most importantly, I've learned it's ok to say 'no'.

3. Self care: I tell my clients this all the time, you can't pour from an empty cup! But, knowing and doing (as you know) is sometimes easier said than done. But I realised that self care didn't have to be going out and getting a manicure or spending heaps on a massage. Sometimes just watching Netflix is the ultimate form of self-care

Thing is, burnout can happen to the best of us, and we need to be aware of this so we can actively engage in self care and other healthy habits. It's also so important to talk to others about how you're feeling, including your family, GP and besties.

I’m writing this today from a much better place. I’m feeling that old energy coming back to me, am sleeping well, and feeling joyful again.

I’m looking forward to future opportunities, to getting out and meeting you all and to continue to help you feel great AND eat cake!

Oh and that holiday? It’s been booked!

** This post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above. I am an ambassador for Nuzest and Nutrition Store Online but wrote this purely as a way to share my own struggles in hopes that it also helps you with yours.

MCT Oil, and VitaBiosa is available at some Bin Inns or if not, online at Nutrition Store Online.

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