Organic or Conventional. Which is More Nutritious?

On a couple of social media outlets I’ve heard people say that “Organic Veggies have 5x more nutrients than conventionally grown veggies”. I have a problem with this for several reasons.

Firstly, there is no evidence proving that organic veggies have 5x more nutrients than conventionally grown vegetables. The difference is marginal if any. Putting a sticker on your product that says ‘organic’ does not make it more nutrient dense.

Nutrient quality depends on length of time since it was picked, the quality of the soil it was grown in, where it was grown and several other factors. If you purchase organic veggies from America here in NZ for example, it doesn’t matter if pesticides were used or not, the nutrient quality won’t be as good as Nana’s veggies down the road.

Organic veggies are sometimes hard to find. I know here in Taranaki I’d be missing out on all sorts of different veggies if I only ate organic. So, I do what I can, with what we’ve got.

Furthermore, Organic veggies are just simply not financially feasible for many people and so by telling them that they are missing out on nutrients if they don’t buy organic seems a bit unethical if you ask me, especially when there is no evidence to support it.

Bottom line, if you are able to afford and find locally grown organic veggies and want to purchase them – that’s awesome, go for it!

If you can’t afford organic, that’s totally ok, you're not missing out on much nutritionally. Try to source local when possible, and spray-free if also possible but even then, farmers markets and locally grown veggies can be quite expensive compared to supermarkets or fruit and veggie shops ($5.00 for 5 carrots or a bag for 0.99 cents).

If you can’t afford, can’t source, or don’t have the time for fresh market veggies. Try your local fruit and veggie shop, they are often really affordable.

Otherwise, some frozen fruit or veggies can be great at the local supermarket or plan ol’ produce from the produce aisle is nothing to feel guilt over either. Give it a good rinse and enjoy.

Look, just do you best and the bottom line is simple.

Just eat more veggies, any way you can.

Fresh is great when it comes to nutrients and eating conventional veggies and giving them a good wash is better than not buying veggies at all because you can’t afford or source organic.


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xoxo Michelle

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