Do you let rules decide your diet?

What governs your food choices?

How many of your choices are based on rules?

Don’t eat meat

Don’t eat wheat

Don’t eat after 6pm

Don’t eat before 11am


Don’t fast

Don’t eat grains

Eat paleo

Vegan is best

Don’t eat more than 2 pieces of fruit a day

Don’t eat sugar

Don’t eat refined sugar

Don't eat carbs

Eat carbs

Sound familiar?

Rule based eating is the opposite of empowered eating. There is nothing more disempowering than relying on someone else to tell you how, when, and what you should eat*.

Often, the people who set these rules for us have never even met us, they don't know our story, they don't know our health history and in many cases, they earn a profit if you decide to follow their rules.

Rule based eating takes away our natural ability to listen to and trust our own bodies. Our right as human beings to be able to know what works for our bodies and what doesn't.

For many of us, we've followed so many different rules that natural eating has become a frightening thing for us, the idea of being responsible for our own food choices scares the hell out of us. We'll over eat! We'll get fat! We'll get sick!

Our bodies are amazing and surprisingly good at telling us what is working and what it needs, if we can listen to it.

That's why I'm so passionate about helping people tune out the rules and the noise out there so that they can tune into their own body's messages. We have the answers within us, and we don't need the latest diet craze telling us otherwise.

Ditch the rules = Regain your mental, emotional and physical health - for good.

* These guidelines are intended for general health. If you have a serious physical condition sometimes additional guidance is needed, and this information can be empowering for someone who is suffering.

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