A Bowl of Oats - Part 2

If you've been following me for some time, you'll know that for a very long time I struggled with food fear and had an overall unhealthy relationship with eating and dieting.

I'm happy to say that I'm in a much better place now, have been so for awhile and can now enjoy all my favourite foods no matter how much sugar, carbs or fat they have without overdoing it and guess what? I feel better than I ever have and haven't gained a pound (not that it matters).

So, I went from loving oats to being scared of oats to giving oats a 'go' again.

Last year I tried some oats as an experiment and well, about 30 minutes or so later I was hungry. That just simply wouldn't work for me, I'm too busy to be hungry all the time! So I've avoided them since then -until now. BOOM! Protein oats!!

This past week I tweaked my oats recipe a little bit and waited for the inevitable hunger to arise but... 7 hours later, I was still stuffed. Seriously!

This was incredibly exciting because frankly I've missed the stuff.

The satiating level of my bowl of oats has increased for a number of reasons. Mainly, I've added protein and fibre to the mixture and also, because I have worked on normalising how my body processes carbs and sugar to the point now where I can eat carb-dense foods and still feel full for ages.

It's a great place to be and a place where I help many clients go. For some of you, simply boosting your oats with protein will be enough to go that extra mile, for others, oats with the usual milk and sweetener will already be enough. For others, you may need to do a bit of work and I'm happy to help you with that.

In the meantime - enjoy this recipe for Protein Oats and see how far it takes YOU. After all, we're all unique.

Protein Oats:

Serves 1

Blueberry protein oats

1/2 cup dry rolled oats.

1/2 cup almond milk or coconut milk

1 cup water

1 tsp cinnamon

Soak this mixture overnight in a small pot.

In the morning add:

2 tsp chia seeds

2 tsp ground linseed

a pinch of sea salt

Cook on low heat until hot and thick.

Remove the mixture from the stove and stir in 1 scoop of vanilla Clean Lean Protein.

Top with your favourite berries, and if you're me, add a drizzle of peanut butter because - yum!

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