MLM - Why I Just Can't Do It.

I’ve been trying to put into words for some time now why I can’t seem to get into the idea of MLMs no matter ‘how much money’ they could make me. I tried once. I used to sell DoTerra, a wonderful product, but just couldn’t get into it. Every week I get messages about this new product or service. They don’t always say upfront what it is, but sometimes they do. I’ve gone and had a look at almost every MLM product out there at the moment at some point.

So why do these emails make me feel so icky? Personally, I’ve finally realised that it’s because I feel like the way MLM (multi-level marketing) companies market to me is a direct violation of my personal space. It’s like I’m sitting at the beach relaxing and all of a sudden someone has peered over my umbrella and is loudly telling me about how wonderful "said" product is. As an empath and introvert I physically cringe every time someone writes me a message asking me if I’ve heard of _______. It’s just not a sales-style that works for me or that I want to become involved in.

I think there are so many amazing people who thrive on this type of marketing and sales model but for me, it just makes me feel squirmy and uncomfortable. I’m sure your product is amazing, or your program but I just want to learn about on my own terms. Other companies that sell products direct don’t PM me or email me directly, gosh I’d have a million emails a day!

I’m quiet comfortable where I’m at with sales, occasionally telling you all about products that I love, but I would never message you all directly to tell you about it. “Ain’t got no time for that!”.

I realise this is a hot topic and I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a business model shaped this way, nor am I saying that there’s anything wrong with the products you're selling, I’m sure they're awesome, it’s the way it’s marketed that just isn’t for me.

With love xx


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