The Breakfast Experiment

Breakfast can literally make or break your day. It is such an important meal, not so much just having breakfast but having the right one! You've just gone 7-12 hours or so without food and so it's the best time of the day to figure out which foods/breakfasts suit you best.

When it comes to food, there is no one way that works for everyone (no matter how much the billion dollar diet industry tries to tell you otherwise. This simple experiment will help reveal the widely differing effects that certain foods can have on your own unique body and well-being. This week, try experimenting with having one of these meals for breakfast each morning. Don't worry about eating them in order, but try to eat each meal at least once.

IF there is something on the list that you already know doesn't serve you - feel free to omit. Your Breakfast Meals:

Day 1: fresh fruit salad or fruit smoothie or baked fruit Day 2: rolled oats (not instant) with nuts and fruit Day 3: egg scrambled with veggies and protein and/or avocado Day 4: coffee, orange juice, tea or milk (no food). Day 5: whole grain toast with nut butter Day 6: whole grain cereal with fruit on top Day 7: Sauteed vegetables and meat or leftovers from last night's dinner. Sit quietly after you eat, and reflect. Note how your energy level, moods, and physical symptoms respond to this food throughout the morning. Then, record your observations in a journal, as follows:

  • What I Ate

  • How I Felt Right After Eating (i.e. was I full, satisfied?)

  • How I Felt 2 Hours Later (i.e. was I hungry, cranky, craving something?)

After you complete the meals for the week, take a moment to notice which foods worked best for you. You may decide to combine parts of different breakfasts to create the ideal breakfast meal for yourself. This experiment will help you start your day off right.

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