Are Your Thoughts Preventing Success?

Today I want to share with you a very powerful acronym: TFAR. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, our thoughts are powerful. It’s important to realise that what you believe and think causes you to feel a certain way, which causes you to do certain things, which ultimately leads to specific results. In other words, your thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies. Since your results usually reinforce your beliefs and thoughts, this results in the loop we call TFAR: your thoughts ?lead to your feelings which lead to your actions which lead to your results: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results. This can be true in all areas of our lives from success to money to food. It’s common for people to try to change the actions and results they don’t like without first recognising and dealing with the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that led to those unwanted actions and results in the first place. ? Thinking thoughts that lead to undesirable results is a habit—a habit that can be changed through awareness. Granted, it’s not always easy to recognise when a thought is driving unwanted results, especially if you’ve been thinking a particular way for a long time. That’s where it becomes so important to focus and explore what these thoughts are and where they are coming from.

As you become aware of thoughts that are leading to results you don’t want, it’s important that you don’t judge yourself for them. Remember, it’s a loop, so feeling bad or blaming yourself only leads to more negative feelings. You have the power to change the thoughts that aren’t working for you once you identify them. When you change your thoughts, you change your results. ? Do you, for example, think that if you eat something delicious you can’t stop? How does that thought make you feel and how affect the result? In my case, it meant that I didn’t stop! This week, pay attention to your thoughts around dieting and food. Begin to identify these thoughts so you can then create new and lasting habits.

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