Find Your Carb-Appropriate™ Sweet Spot!

Let the battle begin!

In one corner you have the low-carb advocates telling you to slater on the butter and banish bread. In the other corner you have the “high-carbers” telling you to max out on bananas and wheat-bix. So who’s right? Depending on who they are suggesting the diet to, they could both be right. Enter in to the ring – Carb Appropriate™, the idea that some people need less carbs than others while others need more. A big part of Empowered Eating™ is doing some experimentation throughout your life to find what works for YOU. We are all truly unique and there are so many different theories out there all trying to claim theirs is the best. Truth is, the have all worked for someone, but we are not “them”, our bodies and our lives are unique in every way and so in the area of carbohydrates this will also hold true.

The term Carb Appropriate™ was developed by Clinical Nutritionist Cliff Harvey. He suggests that when it comes to carbohydrates we need to find out own sweet spot and tells us how to do so in his new book The Carb Appropriate™ Diet. Uses the symbol of a ladder to demonstrate his ‘step-wise’ approach. This shows us which foods to decrease first rather than wiping them all out completely when we might not even need to. He suggests starting with added sugars, then wheat, then other gluten gains and then grains. He then proceeds to legumes, fruit, tubers and lastly dairy. Some people can tolerate carbs better than others depending on such things as activity level, or ancestry and so through experimentation we can take charge of our health and find out what’s best for us. Self-experimentation is not restriction, it’s a tool not a rule when it comes to figuring out which foods you feel best having most of the time. We deserve to feel good and so by taking charge of our choices through experimentation we can get a better idea of what we want to eat. Does that mean you can’t ever have the foods you’ve removed during the experimentation process? No, but by removing them for a given amount of time, you’re able to truly see the effect that particular food has on your well-being, whether it be pleasurable or maybe not so much and make a conscious decision about how often you want to have it. Empower yourself, enjoy becoming the expert of your own body because you deserve to feel all the energy your body has to offer. Need help determining your Carb Appropriate™ Sweet spot? Book a session, and let’s chat.

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