Beware the Snake Oil Seller!

A while ago I had to write an article for HPN, the school I recently graduated from. It was one of the single best experiences of my career and though my teacher Cliff was "hard" on me, what I learned from that activity was both life and career changing.

That’s because I realized that so much of the stuff out there, the health claims on blogs and memes, the magic ‘potions’ and many other things online, have little to no actual evidence to back them up. In my case, every article I tried to write just simply “did not have evidence” even though it was something that was found consistently across my newsfeed and even as part of my studies at IIN. It was such a huge wake-up call for me. It taught me to always look for evidence, for science-based theories and to do my own research before making any claim. This might seem obvious, but there are SO many people out there just throwing out random stuff because it will help them to sell their product or program, or scare people into coming to see them. It’s amazing really, but you’re better than that.

There are so many modern day snake oil salesmen and women out there who are fear based in their approach. They make you afraid that you might die, get fat or get sick if you do not take their supplement, or do their program. They scare you into giving up certain foods, by offering you tests that have no scientific background. They take your money and guess what - if it doesn’t work – it’s YOUR fault. It can be infuriating if I allow it to be.

Yes, I know, I sell programs and products and I encourage you to scrutinize me as much as I’m asking you to do to others. If I make a claim that seems unbelievable, ask me for evidence, just as I would hope you would do the same with someone else’s claims. Just know that I will never try to scare you into health nor will I tell you there is something wrong with your physical appearance that needs fixing.

You know if you don’t feel well. You know if you need an energy boost. You don’t necessarily have adrenal fatigue or another condition simply because you could tick a few boxes on a questionnaire

And so who or what should you question?

  • Anyone that says to you “you’re broken and only THIS” will help.

  • Anything or anyone that promises to “cure” you.

  • Anyone that diagnoses you with a vague questionnaire.

  • Anyone who tells you they can test you for food intolerances.

  • Anything without peer reviewed evidence to back it up

  • Anyone whose credentials are hard to find, or non-existent on their page

  • Anyone who tells you you’re not good enough

  • Anyone who tells you that in order to be healthy you need to lose weight

  • Anyone that tells you, you have to join a particular membership program to buy or use their product.

  • Anything that doesn’t empower you

I’m not saying that in some cases these things aren’t true, or valid but to simply question them, look for evidence and do some research first.

There are so many people out there in the business of making money of health – and that’s fine, but we can’t forget our ethics or we’re no better than modern-day snake oil sellers. Question everything, educate and empower yourselves and preach only love and compassion first.

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