Are you Committed?

Commitment. For some, a frightening word. What emotions come to your mind when you read it? Does it sound like a life-sentence; does it sound like too much work? Does it overwhelm you or just plain freak you out?

Truth is, we’re all on different parts of our journeys when it comes to health and every so often there comes a time when we say “enough is enough” and your body is ready for change.

Maybe you’re tired of being tired or sick of being sick. Maybe your day is filled with sadness or shame every time you look in the mirror or step on a scale. Maybe you’re just over not being able to keep up with your kids or just plain unmotivated. Whatever your reasons, at some point you’re going to say to yourself. The time is NOW, I’m ready.

It may not always be easy, but a combination of commitment and the right support will change your life.

I’d love for you to walk into my office have a meeting with me and leave my office committed to make change, but honestly? You need to be committed before you even walk in the door. Inspiration is a huge part of it, but it’s not enough. Your heart, mind, body and soul must be ready. And when that day comes… I guarantee I have the tools to make it happen.

On the other hand, if you just wish you were ready or hope that a session will make you ready, the change won't happen. I can give you every single thing you need and guarantee results but only if you want it, I mean REALLY want it.

That’s right GUARANTEE. Why? Because I know the strategies I use in my practice work – when you do. I will also be there for you until your health goals happen. Sometimes we might need to change directions and try new things, sometimes it might be hard work or uncomfortable but I promise you that if you’re ready, this will happen.

So, are you ready? To feel energised, get to the bottom of health concerns, become comfortable in your own skin and lift the fog? Are you ready to say goodbye to the afternoon slump and sleep like you’ve never slept before? If you’re ready, if you’re committed, we WILL make this happen. We are all unique and so that’s why an individualised session will work and many fad diets don’t. Let’s put the tools in place and watch our health goals manifest.

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