You Know What To Eat

You may or may not agree with me but I’d like to argue that ultimately, we know what to eat. We know which foods are healthy and which foods are not. We know that too much processed food probably doesn’t serve us and that binging on sweets isn’t helpful. We know that we feel yuck when you overeat or possibly after eating certain foods. And yet, many of us still struggle with food and are always looking for the next best thing. We immerse ourselves in health info, food info, recipes, and diet programs – and yet we’re still stuck, we “fall off the wagon,” we give up, we don't bother. Why? I met an ‘older’ woman once who had never had a problem with food until someone told her she should. She read theory after theory online and in books and tried them all to the point where she was completely confused and totally gave up. I’ve had several clients who label every food as good or bad and have a long history of problematic eating and dieting. When no one was looking or the opportunity arose, they binged, then felt guilty then gave up again. I’ve met busy professional women who are always on the go. “I don’t have time to eat healthy!” they tell me and so they skip meals, or they grab it from the wrong places and pay the price in fatigue and a weakened immune system. There’s the person who eats well all day and then finds himself or herself alone at night surrounded by loneliness and boredom and who ‘fills’ the void with comfort foods. I could go on. And so I ask you: What’s stopping you? What barriers are in place that are preventing you from eating as healthy as you’d like? Do you feel as though there is not enough time in the day? Do you eat certain foods out of stress? Do your emotions control your choices? Are you a creature of habit? Do you believe that food is addictive? Do you restrict your foods only to binge at a later time? Perhaps you are totally and 100% confused about all the mixed messages out there? There are literally thousands of reasons why people don’t listen to their body’s needs and eat the foods that fuel them. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost an ability that is inherent amongst any species. As a health and nutrition coach it is my job to help you break down these barriers. It’s all well and good to get a meal plan full of healthy recipes and inspiration but if you have difficulty seeing it through the only thing it’s feeding is a guilty conscience. Let’s ditch the guilt, learn to listen to our bodies and enjoy the foods (and movement) that make us feel good physically and mentally. I’m here for you. Let’s make it happen!

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