You are Worth More Than A Number

On Saturday, I was at the Ancestral Health conference in Wellington. I went to this conference not really knowing what it would be like – and left having learned so much. I am still reeling and thinking about all that I heard that day but there was one talk in particular that really stood out to me. The title of this particular lecture was “ Weight Loss – The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow” – by Dr. Anastasia Boulais – a Medical Practitioner from Christchurch. I expected this to be a discussion on the best ways to lose weight but was quickly corrected after just one slide. Dr. Boulais began by telling us how scales and BMI are a load of bull. That people who are considered “overweight” and even “obese” can actually live longer than those who don’t. She spoke about visceral fat (the fat around our organs) and how even people can actually be “obese on the inside”. This really got me thinking about the way society judges people based on their weight and how many clients come to me for “weight loss”. When really the weight, isn’t always the problem. Surely you are worth so much more than a number on a machine. Firstly, our body shapes are so different. We only need to look around us to see that. Some people are short, some are tall, some are stocky some are lean. Society’s interpretations of beauty have also changed. Take a look at these images from the very first Miss America pageant in the early 1900’s compared to Miss America 2014. It was once accepted that women all had different shapes and sizes and were beautiful nonetheless. Today, however, beauty is interpreted by how closely you resemble a certain body shape that is presented to you via the media and magazines.

This is ridiculous. We are all different, we are all beautiful and we need to ask ourselves – who are we comparing ourselves to? A photo-shopped image in a magazine? That other woman at the gym whose story we don’t know?

Body size does not determine your health - your health is determined by how you are feeling as well as potentially some tests that only your GP can do. If you are tired all the time, don’t have the energy to play with your children or riddled with aches and pains – that is the problem – not your weight. Let’s focus on how you feel rather than what you weigh. I want you all to feel fabulous, vibrant and beautiful! I want you to focus on eating the foods that make you feel this way and then your body will do all the work. Your body will tell you what your best body size is for you – no photoshop required!

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