100% Wholemeal no-knead bread

My mom used to make wholemeal bread for our local health shop. Having the warm bread with butter is one of my favourite childhood memories. Unfortunately she lost the recipe, but I managed to recreate it and it’s pretty close!


Butter or spray oil for greasing

500g warm water (not hot)

50g honey

2 tsp dried instant yeast

500g wholemeal flour, plus extra for dustiang

2 tsp fine salt


Grease a 900g loaf tin with butter and dust with flour.

In a large bowl mix the warm water and honey together. Sprinkle with the yeast and allow to sit for a couple minutes to 'bloom'.

Stir the wet mixture a little bit.

Add the wholemeal flour and salt to the wet mix and, using a large spoon, stir the mixture together until it's well incorporated. It will be really sticky! That's ok, we're not kneading this one.

Once it's mixed well, pour it into your greased loaf tin.

Cover with a clean, dry tea towel and allow it to sit in a warm place until your dough has doubled in size (30 min - 1 hour approximately).

Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 200C

Once your dough has risen and your oven is hot, bake your bread for 45 minutes.

It should be nice and brown and crusty.

Remove from the loaf tin and put onto a wire rack to cool. Once it's cooled for about 20 minutes - go at it!


READ more about why I believe bread to be such an important part of a healthy life.

Does the thought of 'real' bread give you anxiety? Would eating it make you feel guilty or regretful? Please check out my Empowered Eating programmes with support to help you enjoy your favourite foods shamelessly and still be your healthiest self.

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