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The Empowered Eating 

8-week group coaching programme


Is this you? 

  • You’ve gotten totally confused about what to eat unless following a diet or healthy eating plan. 

  • You swing back and forth between trying to eat “perfect,” and feeling completely out of control around food.

  • You’re not happy in your current body, but you can’t handle the thought of going on one more restrictive diet.

  • You’re tired of the cycle of starting a new diet, feeling restricted, falling off track, and starting all over again.

  • Want to eat any and all foods, when you want, without guilt, stress, or anxiety.

  • You’re tired of obsessing over what you eat and just want to eat ‘normally’ again. 

  • Want to stop counting calories and/or macros while still feeling amazing in your body.

  • You want to feel confident in your body but you're scared of what will happen if you just let yourself eat.

  • You feel hopelessly ‘addicted’ to all things delicious.

I get it! 

The Empowered Eating Course was designed just for you because I've been there! I know what it’s like to be a slave to the scale, to go on diet after diet and to feel a bit out of control around food. It sucks! 

My signature programme, the Empowered Eating course will give you everything you need to break free from the dieting cycle for good, build a happy and healthy relationship with food, regain your energy and confidence and stop overthinking food once and for all. I'm here to help you get out of your head and into your body - because you are the boss! 

The course is based on intuitive eating principles and all our coaches are trained, Intuitive eating facilitators. We’ve seen the science, we’ve seen the results and intuitive eating works. Get ready to feel food freedom like never before!  


For the first time ever! 

Empowered Eating group coaching! 

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The 8 week
Empowered eating course
+ Access to online platform and journals 
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4 group coaching classes
with Michelle
Full support
between classes
The Empowered
Eating Handbook
Bonus access to
21 Days Gentle Nutrition once the course is complete

8 Weeks of support: $300

4 group coaching classes: $460

8 week Empowered Eating course $257

Empowered Eating handbook hardcopy $25

+21 Days of Gentle Nutrition course $99

Value: $1141

Introductory Price:   $397* 

Savings: $744


* Payment plans available! 


Check it out... 

How does it work? 

The Empowered Eating course is based on 8 principles designed to help you to never ever have to diet again in order to be healthy and well. We start with lighting some inner motivations through activities designed to unlock the magic that will propel you forward. Each module will then unlock weekly building onto the knowledge of the previous module. 

You will also have full support through fortnightly 60-minute group coaching calls with founder and director, Michelle Yandle as well as full support throughout the 8 weeks through direct messaging and our confidential online support group - all within the course platform. You will have access to the app, as well as an online food and mood journal to begin to develop self-awareness skills and learn what works for you.

Ready to dig in? Still on the fence? Have a read of our 8 principles below and get ready to unlock that spark that will be the beginning of new found energy and food freedom for life. 


Find your 'why'

Imagine starting on a journey with no map. You get kind of lost and take way longer to get to where you’re going. So the first step of Empowered Eating is to taking time to focus on finding out what you really want! And when you’ve found out your destination we can create a really clear map of how to get there. Empowered Eating will help you find your ‘why’ and discover where you’re going using proven strategies that unlock your inner motivations for long lasting change!


It's not your fault

Diet’s suck. They just don’t work. And it’s got nothing to do with your lack of willpower or ‘uncontrollable’ cravings. Diets simply don't work long term. If they did you wouldn’t be on your third, fourth or fifteenth one! Not only do diet not work but the whole process of dieting can be bad for you both mentally AND physically.  Empowered Eating will teach you why they don’t work and show you a better plan to achieve long term health.


Press pause

Pressing pause is about stopping before eating to ask yourself if you really are hungry and if not, what it is that you actually need. Empowered Eating will show you how to listen to and honour your body’s natural cues so you can eat for not just nourishment but energy and enjoyment as well! Setting the stage for rebuilding trust with food and yourself. And make decision of when and what to eat more of a conscious act.


Tuning in

There’s power in paying attention to the act of eating. Eating mindfully, slowing down, enjoying our food, feeling fullness and making eating something to enjoy. Tuning in is about giving you the tools to listen to what your body needs as well as increasing the pleasure and satisfaction of eating! Empowered Eating will help you listen to how your body feels after eating, and experimenting with curiosity rather than rigid rules. So you can feel great before and after eating.


Feed the need

If you’re not hungry to begin with, no amount of food will fill you up. Learn to make peace with your emotions (without eating them!). Emotional eating can be a great clue that something’s amiss. Together, at Empowered Eating, you’ll learn how to tune into what’s really going on so that you can start to feed the real need and stop the ‘binge-repent-repeat’ cycle in its tracks. Giving you alternative ways to comfort and care for yourself without food.


Fall in love with food again

All foods can be part of a healthy way of eating. But the restrictions we often put on our eating can lead to binges and feelings of being out of control. Leaving us feeling guilt, shame and so desperate to count points again. Together, through Empowered Eating, we'll show you how to begin to eat fearlessly again and let go of food rules so that you can feel great AND eat cake (or whatever else you love).


Gentle Nutrition

After years of following diets it’s no wonder we’re stuck in nutrition confusion.

Nourishing our body is important and honouring it is one of many great tools for self-care. But what we choose to eat has got tangled up in what we ‘can’t’ have or ‘shouldn’t have. Empowered Eating will help you clear up the nutrition confusion and help you choose more of the foods that make you feel great.


Live the life you crave

The more we engage in the things that bring us joy and move our body in ways that feel good the less control food will have over us. Empowered Eating shows you a different way to break the diet cycle. Releasing you from obsessive thoughts about food so you can free up the mental space for what really makes you happy. It’s time to feel comfortable in your own body, knowing you’re respecting, nourishing, and taking care of yourself. 


Limited spots available 

Cart closes August 28

Course starts September 7