Everyone deserves to feel great and get the support they need.
No matter what your budget, barriers or time restraints, I've got something for you. 

Empowered Eating 12-Week Course

Gentle Nutrition: 21 Day Program

End the confusion once and for all 
Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting! 

Empowered Eating 1:1 Coaching

Empowered Eating Handbook

Personal Consulting and Supported Programs
Stop Dieting - Start Listening


After 3 weeks I am noticing health benefits already (no bloating after meals for one), with the side effect of loosing weight. Michelle is very knowledgable and a lovely person to work with. 


Working with Michelle has been hugely successful for me. If I have a bad eating day, (or two), I don't feel guilty, I relax knowing I have Michelle's kind support, tools, and recipes to prepare for a healthy day. 


With her patience and wise words my mind healed & then my body followed. I have since lost weight & have become very healthy. Thank you michelle. You are one of the nicest people i know

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