A Guide to Gentle Nutrition



Who is this for?

  • You’ve gotten totally confused about what to eat unless following a diet or healthy eating plan. 

  • You swing back and forth from one diet to another and none seem to work long term.

  • You want to increase your energy and take care of your body in a way that is simple and clear. 

  • You’re tired of the cycle of starting a new diet, feeling restricted, falling off track, and starting all over again.

  • You're looking for some new recipes and inspiration. 

  • You're ready to take some time for self-care. and nourish your body with compassion.


What's inside?

There are so many 'rules' out there when it comes to nutrition. Everywhere you look, people are telling you to stop eating this or start eating that... 

DITCH THE DIET and reclaim your energy, confidence & health without giving up the foods you love with A Guide to Gentle Nutrition.

Certified Nutrition Coach Michelle Yandle believes there should be one rule only - to start from a place of gratitude and self-respect. A Guide to Gentle Nutrition shows you how to tune into what your body really needs and to think about the foods that make you feel the best physically AND mentally.

Includes recipes and a daily self care journal. 



About the author

Nutrition Coach. Healthy Food Ambassador. Teacher. Author. Cat Lover. Recovered Yo-Yo Dieter. A certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Michelle Yandle is also an international speaker, successful entrepreneur, Empowered Eating(TM) coach and four-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health, and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating(TM). Originally from Canada, Michelle received her bachelor degree at Dalhousie University, Halifax while later achieving a graduate degree in education.


She then furthered her education with a graduate certificate through the school of Holistic Performance Nutrition and certificates in health and nutrition coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Cadence Health in New Zealand. Michelle's health advice has featured in such magazines as Nadia Magazine and Healthy Food Guide. She has been a guest blogger at AwesoME Inc(R) - where this series on Gentle Nutrition was first published, as well as Ecostore, Elephant Journal, NZ Woman and more. She has also been a guest on The Hitz Radio and The AM Show, a regular feature in local and national newspapers.



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