Helping you and your family to be your healthiest selves without having to give up the foods you love.


We’re so glad you found us! We’re a team of nutrition
coaches and counsellors on a mission to help you feel your absolute best, without rules or restrictions.

We specialise in Intuitive and mindful eating and using fad-free approaches to health and nutrition.


We work under the understanding that health is more than just the body, it encompasses physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. This broad definition is central to all the work we do to help people heal their relationship with food.

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What is Empowered Eating?

If you’ve been on more than one diet in your life, feel confused about what to eat, have anxiety over your food choices or guilt after eating, Empowered Eating is for you.


Empowered Eating is a process designed to help you be your healthiest self without compromising your relationship with food. It’s about shifting from the external noise that is diet and wellness culture and instead teaching you how to effectively listen to your body and its natural cues, so you can feel great AND eat cake – or whatever else you love.

The Empowered Eating principles


Find your ‘why’

Imagine starting on a journey with no map. You get kind of lost and take way longer to get to where you’re going. So the first step of Empowered Eating is to taking time to focus on finding out what you really want! And when you’ve found out your destination we can create a really clear map of how to get there. Empowered Eating will help you find your ‘why’ and discover where you’re going using proven strategies that unlock your inner motivations for long lasting change!

What makes us special

We, at the Centre for Empowered Eating, provide something different to your standard nutrition or health coaching consult.


We’re taking the focus away from numbers and food rules and instead, will help you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. We empower our clients to learn exactly what their own unique bodies need in order to feel great while removing the guilt and anxiety that comes with diets and restriction. We will help you navigate your health through the Empowered Eating framework, incorporating our own clinical and personal experiences while drawing on the latest evidence and fad-free guidelines.

Every member of our team is trained in intuitive eating with varying backgrounds in counselling, coaching and nutrition.

What we do

1:1 Coaching and consulting:

Our team of coaches and counsellors will support you through the empowered eating principles so that you can be your healthiest self without compromising your relationship with food or your body. Together we’ll help you to get out of your mind and into your body so you can stop dieting and start listening. Just imagine, never having to diet ever again! Can you say freedom?! (nice and loud like Mel Gibson would).

Online courses and classes:

Our courses will support you and your family to be your healthiest and confident self. You can choose between self-study, or do the courses while supported by one of our team.

Our Courses

Slice of Cake

Working 1:1 with a coach / counsellor

All our sessions are conducted easily online via Zoom or by telephone (in person via special request). Our coaches will help guide you through the 8 principles of Empowered Eating, building skills along the way that help you get out of your head, and into your body. What direction we take from there is individual to each person and their own unique needs.


Together with your coach, you will learn how to ditch the diet mentality and diet tools that disconnect you from the experience of tuning in your body. We will teach you what signals for hunger feel like in your body and help you to give yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods without fear, guilt or shame and help you remove the restrictions that are ultimately the reason you overeat in the first place! We’ll help you to really tune into how food makes you feel so that you can make empowering decisions about what’s best for your body. And finally, we’ll help you learn more about emotional eating, help you feel better in your body, and figure out a sustainable approach to movement and nutrition that works for YOU.


Our Team

Michelle Yandle BA BUS HPN1

Michelle established The Centre for Empowered Eating in 2019 to help clients be their healthiest selves without having to give up the foods they love. She is a certified holistic performance and nutrition coach, educator, entrepreneur and author of The Empowered Eating Handbook and A Guide to Gentle Nutrition. Michelle is also an Intuitive eating coach and mindful eating facilitator.

Gail Powers-Moore BA BSW CHN

Gail Moore is a Social Worker, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach who is passionate about helping individuals accept their bodies and reconnect with their relationship with food. Also a mom, she has risen to the challenge of helping her daughter navigate the messages from diet culture and accept her body as it is.


Nadia A

After living life for 30 years constantly thinking about food, dieting, feeling guilty about what I ate and letting food dictate my self-worth I can say I am finally FREE. I wish I could explain to you the lightness I feel now. The heavy weight of shame and guilt have been lifted and I have so many other good things to put my mind to. I am more in tune with my body, its needs and I feel I am in charge of food, not the other way around.

Stephanie Lord - Harman

It's been interesting noticing my change in mindset since starting your course...

As someone who previously hated salads, most fruits and veggies and being active (wow lol) it's almost like I'm a different person."

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