Tired of losing your sh*t around food? 

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Can you relate? 

  •  You feel ‘out of control’ around certain foods or at certain times, you can’t just stop at one! 

  • You reach for food whenever anything goes wrong.

  • You don’t know when you’re full, or you do know, but you but can’t stop eating anyway.

  • You feel guilty and ashamed and 'beat yourself up' after you’ve overeaten.

  • You just want to stop feeling out of control around food!   

Anxiety, loneliness, boredom and anger amongst other things are all emotions that we experience each day in our lives. For may of us, food is an easy distraction and coping mechanism but unfortunately, it won’t fix any of these feelings. The thing is, If you’re not hungry in the first place - eating won’t solve the problem. Often, all it does is make us feel worse in the long run, not only have we got the physical discomfort of overeating, and the guilt and shame that goes along with it - but the feelings still exist and the cycle continues.  So, what can we do instead? 

What you will learn


Proven strategies to reduce
cravings and overeating


How to navigate all types of hunger


Practical solutions to
eating your feelings


Surprising hidden triggers and what to do about them


Enjoy your favourite foods without losing your sh*t


Stop the 'binge-repent-repeat'
cycle once and for all

...and heaps more! 

Our emotional eating course is hosted by Michelle Yandle on behalf of The Centre for Empowered Eating. 

  • Professional videos

  • Downloadable workbook to put your learnings into practice. 

  • Transcripts of each lesson 

  • Discounts on future purchases 

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Meet your teacher

Michelle Yandle:

Founder of The Centre for Empowered Eating

Michelle is a certified health and nutrition coach, international and TEDx speaker and five-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating.™

Through her own painful relationship with food and self-image whereby despite having tried everything from point counting programs to shakes to Richard Simmons, Michelle would always find herself stuck in the same depressing, vicious cycle. Ultimately she would give in to cravings and self-sabotage any progress made and inevitably gain more weight than she'd lost in the first place - over and over again!


However, Michelle listened to her heart following turning her pain into passion and creating - The Centre for Empowered Eating which has helped hundreds of people regain their health without the rigorous rules and strict exercise regimens that endorse deprivation of any kind.


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